An exclusive location in the Périgord

In a tree-lined 17-acre estate, the 16th-century stone hamlet overlooks the tranquil, picturesque Perigord countryside.
We invite you to stroll its grassy and limestone paths and discover century-old oaks, the two ponds, the orchard, the four resident equines and the ruins that are so much part of the estate’s character.

The Domaines produce

The fruits of the orchard, lavender and aromatic herbs, are harvested for the production of jams, chutneys, gin liqueur and essences.
There’s an open invitation to help yourself to fresh figs, plums, sage, bay leaf, and rosemary, all organic, all delicious.

Virginia Sumacs

The inspiration for the emblem of the Domaine comes from the Sumacs scattered around the estate.
The Virginia Sumac, also called Amaranth, or Staghorn Sumac, are dramatic, architectural trees with large, velvet-like fruit whose leaves turn bright red in the autumn.

Ecology at the Domaine

Whether through selective waste sorting, the choice of our products, or the recovery of green waste, the environment, the reduction of plastic and eco-responsibility are at the heart of our concerns and reflected in our services.

Our equines

During your walks along the grass paths of the domaine, you are likely to meet our four family equines. Benny and Nina our shetland ponies and Baby and Milo our two curious and sociable donkeys will no doubt come to meet you at the edge of their enclosure, hoping for a cuddle or small treat.